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Aircrew Competition
Flying Events

Airdrop (C-130, C-17 and T-1).

Goal is to evaluate all aspects of a crew's ability to delivery an airdrop load, on target, on time. Crews are scored on accurately identifying low level route turn points, timing to the drop zone, and accuracy for three different airdrops: personnel, container delivery system, and heavy equipment loads. One airdrop will be conducted using night vision goggles. T-1s will fly only one, day low level route and complete a simulated airdrop.

Short Field Landing (C-17, C-130 and C-160).

Aircraft attempt to make a smooth, consistent approach to land precisely in the center of a 500 foot landing zone. Points are also given for taking off at the proper speed, smooth approach and landing without bouncing.

Backing/Combat Offload (C-17, C-130 and C-160).

Goal is to evaluate all aspects of a crew's ability to quickly, safely and smoothly back the aircraft into a minimum size ramp area and conduct a combat offload. Crews are scored on commencing the event at the approved time, and for expediency in the ground ops area (penalties are assessed for excessive time spent in the ground operations area). Points are also lost for departing a simulated minimum width taxiway surface while positioning for the combat offload, positioning the aircraft too far back or too far forward in relation to a reference line, if the pallet's final position is too far forward of the reference line and for procedural or safety deviations, or for failing to bring the aircraft to a smooth stop within the designated combat offload distance.

Aerial Refueling (KC-10, KC-135, C-5, C-17 and T-1).

Both aircraft work together to transfer 10,000 pounds of fuel with 20 minutes of toggle time in a 20 minute period. Points are lost for early or late arrival at the air refueling control point, for every second of toggle time under 20 minutes and for each time the refueling boom is disconnected.

Instrument Approach (KC-10, KC-135, C-5, OSA and T-1).

Goal is to fly as precise and instrument approach as possible. Crews will be scored on course guidance, speed, altitude control, and approach planning.  

Non-Flying Events

Joint airdrop inspection (JAI):

Static load inspection of two faulty heavy equipment loads and four faulty container delivery system loads.

Engines running on/offload (ERO):

Four-person teams are judged on how safely and quickly they can upload and download vehicles and pallets with the aircraft's engines running. (Required event - all teams)

Tanker Cargo Loading. (KC-10, KC-135).

Teams of KC-10 and KC-135 aircrew members, including a second boom operator, are evaluated on handling cargo in three areas -- preparation, loading/unloading and mission paperwork.

Aerial Port
Aeromedical Evacuation
Fit to Fight
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